The Andy series of books is about Andy Brown, an unusual little boy, as he survives neglect, prejudice, natural disasters and evil.

Dead or Alive?

‘Sergeant! Sergeant!’ The distraught dog handler shouted while he uncovered Andy’s head. He felt his wrist. There was no pulse. The sergeant, followed by the teacher’s aide, stopped in horror at the sight of the partly buried body. The police know he’s dead because doctor confirms it. The only one who believes Andy is still alive is Snowy, the police dog which found him.
Detective Inspector Richardson investigates the tragic death of the eleven-year-old boy. The boy seemed to have been dealt a terrible hand in the Game of Life. He’d lost his parents at two, been neglected by his drug addicted aunt and totally abandoned by her at six.

At eleven, the malnourished boy’s luck had finally started to change when he’d fallen into the clutches of a foul paedophile who’d inadvertently fed him a fatal cocktail of drugs. Then the boy’s body disappears from the morgue, in broad daylight!

Andy knows he’s dead.

He’d woken up on a slab in the morgue with a painful head wound. Believing he’s a ghost, the confused Andy sets off into the deep woods of the wrong continent on an impossible and dangerous quest to find a fictional character who might be able to look at a ghost without going into hysterics. 

What Andy finds is unexpected.