Lost Embers of Earth

by Andrew McGregor.

As a lover of science fiction, this exciting and very readable book appealed to me, especially in its highly imaginative setting.

This is a book I highly recommend.

In the words of the author:

“It was a human...

Once the scourge of the galaxy, the spacecraft that made up the human horde swept away whole planets and star systems. Four hundred years later, security specialist Quork’s nightmares came true when he encountered one of the last survivors of the horde.

A human called Sam...

Hunted almost to extinction, Sam desperately searches for other humans and artifacts from Earth, and she will stop at nothing to find them to rekindle the human terror. Taken hostage aboard Sam’s dreadnought, running for their lives, Quork learns that there is more to the human scourge than he was led to believe.”

I had trouble tearing myself away from reading this book so I could go to work. As a shop keeper, I liked the idea that humans might be sold in pet shops.